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Exotic Pedicure & Manicure

The beauty of your hands and feet can be your cover letter, elegant, sweet, and bold. Each color dresses you up and identifies you. Well-kept hands and feet tell a lot about you; we have various manicure and pedicure services, from classic to permanent or long-term. Pedicure and manicure treatments provide proper care for the hands and feet.


Different Types of Manicure Services

In addition to technique, trends, and design, our Trend setters Bangalore  provide excellent manicure service to their clients.  We offer all kinds of professional manicures on the market. Get to know them below!

  • Professional manicure: Here we are in the big league. This is a regular manicure and paraffin treatment. 
  • Traditional manicure: A custom manicure beautifies your nails and is perfect for handling your hands according to your skin type.
  • Full semi-permanent manicure: It's the perfect combination between long-lasting enamel and perfect care for your hands. On the one hand, the nails are cut and filed to shape them, remove the cuticles, and moisturize the hands. On the other hand, we make your nails with semi-permanent color polish or French nail polish of your choice.

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Nail manicure

Different types of nail manicures are provided try to adapt to the client's time and needs. Some people like to spend hours in the living room; others want something faster.

Yollanda points out the following services like a nail manicure:

Types of nail manicure

  • Express

The express manicure lasts 20 to 30 minutes and is considered an ideal service for clients who need a quick touch-up to shape, clean, and polish.

It is not recommended for those with disastrous nails as it is more maintenance.

  • Normal 

This service gives you the basics: shapes, cuticles, massages, and enamel. It lasts about 45 minutes and tries to achieve beautifully hydrated nails.

  • Acrylic nails or gels

With our acrylic or gel system, you can wear beautiful nails in natural or French colors. They are the perfect solution for bitten, brittle, and fragile nails. Choose the length and shape you want and get the nails you've always wanted.

  • Nail art

Please don't believe in the pictures you can draw on your nails, choose your design, or be amazed by the imagination and originality of our professionals. On special occasions, show off animal prints and jeweled nails, thanks to small crystals and small paintings.

  • Complete manicure with Nail SPA:

Manicure Spa not only brushes and files your nails but also provides rest for your hands with this service. First, prepare your nails, then take care of your cuticles, moisturize your skin, exfoliate and mask, and finally polish your nails with the color you like among our colors palette.

Pedicure treatment

Foot care is essential to staying in perfect condition at all times, and we must take care of our feet to enjoy good health. We must take into account that our feet support all of our weight throughout our lives. All services have very strict hygiene, disinfection protocols for facilities, and metal tools, in addition to the use of disposable materials for each client.

Express Pedicure:

It is shown for those legs that don't need much. We focus on enamel preparation and light hydration. Great for women in a hurry who don't want to compromise on the good quality of service. The service includes files of your choice or French and glaze.

Relax and take care of your feet as they deserve. In this spa pedicure, you will pamper your feet in a relaxing bath with hot water and provide complete service. Then trim the nails to the desired shape, cut, hydrate with the highest quality products, remove hardness, and remove the enamel. Choose the color or French you like best that best suits your style and personality.


Its value is higher than other clients, so it is not a service frequently used by the same client. However, it is ideal for clients with aging symptoms such as age spots, wrinkles, dehydration, and dryness, or those who simply want to spoil themselves and relax.

Hopefully, on getting familiar with all these types of a pedicure, you will definitely need to contact a Professional nail spa and choose the type according to your need. Contact us to garner more information about our services on exotic Pedicure & Manicure.